What is new in 20-sim 4C

20-sim 4C 2.1 has just been released. You can download 20-sim 4C 2.1 from this website. 20-sim 4C has undergone major changes under the hood. The code engine has been rewritten to support multiple sources/creators of C-code and multiple targets. Furthermore, 20-sim 4C has some handy new features.

Single C-Code target in 20-sim

No more switching between C-Code targets in 20-sim. Due to the new code engine just select the 20-sim 4C code target. The choice too switch between targets is deferred to 20-sim 4C.



Optional finish time

Let your application run forever by making the finish time optional.

Context help for each target

Need to know the detail about your target, the available modules, the number of inputs or outputs or the pin-layout, press the context help for more details.


Matlab & Scilab support (experimental)

Matlab and Scilab can be use as source/creator to generate code for 20-sim 4C. The code can be run on all RT-Linux targets.


Logging for Bachmann M1 targets

Logging is supported for Bachmann M1 targets. A lot of other improvements have been made.

TS-7300 : 5x PWM and 5x Encoder

A new TS-7300 target has been added. This target has a custom FGPA configuration scaling up the number of PWM and Encoder connectivity. The configuration allows up to 5 encoders and 5 H-bridges to be connected.

And More

Please read the builds list to find out about all the addtions and improvements that have been made in 20-sim.


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