20-sim 4C

20-sim 4C enables rapid prototyping for control engineers. With 20-sim 4C you can run c-code on hardware to control machines and systems. 20-sim 4C imports models (c-code) from 20-sim, Simulink (experimental) and Scilab (experimental) and runs them on hardware like embedded arm boards, PC 104 systems and much more.


20-sim 4C can be used by students and professionals. With only a few mouse-clicks you can load c-code and run it on hardware. From 20-sim 4C you can start and stop the code, inspect variables and log data. 20-sim 4C is versatile. With 20-sim 4C you can do measurements, run actuators and control machines. A wide range of hardware is supported allowing you to perform every task.


To run 20-sim 4C, you need a PC with an ethernet connection running Windows XP or higher.

More Information

20-sim 4C can be purchased directly from this website

For more information please contact·Controllab Products.


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