The TS-9700 is a 8-bit peripheral board (standard format) that provides ADC and DAC ports for data acquisition in analog applications. The TS-9300 can be stacked onto the TS-7300.


Analog Inputs

8 x 12-bit Analog to Digital Converter with precision 0.2% Analog Reference. Each A/D channel is jumper selectable for: 0 to 2.5V input, 0 to 10V input, 0 to 20mA input.

Analog Outputs

4 x 12-bit Digital to Analog Converter (optional). DAC outputs are 0 to 5V range.

The TS-9700 is a low power board – power consumption is 30 mA at 5V power supply. This product operates in extended industrial temperature range (-40° to +85°C) by default. In addition, the TS-9700 is compatible with both ARM and X86 single board computers.

More Information

The TS-9700 board can be purchased from the supplier, Technologic Systems Inc

For more information please contact Controllab Products.


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