20-sim 4C 2.1.12

20-sim 4C 2.1.12 has been released. This build contains several bugfixes and a few improvements:

2.1.12 (24 April 2019, build 4748)

General Improvements:

  • Bachmann: add a new SVI status variable #mcf_write_status that shows the status of the parameter storage to the MCF during run-time parameter changes.
  • Register 20-sim 4C 2.1 as code generation target in the upcoming 20-sim 4.8 release
  • Changed: No need to store the MCF path as absolute path when it is stored in next to the TXP file (default). Fixes opening the project in newer 20-sim 4C versions.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed: C-code implementation of the bitget function was wrong. It should return 1 when the requested bit is 1 and 0 otherwise.
  • Fixed: Initialization of a boolean vector or matrix could fail when spaces were used after a , or ; in 20-sim
  • Fixed: Bachmann: the run-time parameter change detection triggered an unnecessary MCF write at start-up
  • Fixed: Bachmann: run-time parameter change detection triggered sometimes a double MCF write

Download 20-sim 4C here.


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