Multiple Targets

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Multiple Targets

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You can control multiple targets from a single version of 20-sim 4C. The easiest way to make this work is to generate a project for each single target and test it separately. Then you create a new project an load the various models:


1.Start 20-sim 4C.

2.From the File menu select New Project.

You will be asked for a name and location of the project.

3.From the Project menu select Add Target. Choose the first target.

4.From the Project menu select Add Model. Select the model that corresponds to the first target.

5.Repeat step 3 and 4 for the remaining targets.

Now you are ready to manage all the targets and control their operation from a single instance of 20-sim 4C.


A 20-sim 4C project containing 2 targets with different models.