RTAI real-time Linux

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RTAI real-time Linux

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RTAI stands for Real-Time Application Interface. It is a real-time extension for the Linux kernel - which allows you to write Linux hosted applications with strict timing constraints.



RTAI 3.2 on a Linux 2.4.37.x kernel  is supported for ARM 7300

RTAI 3.6, 3.7.x and 3.8.x, 3.9.x are supported on the corresponding Linux 2.6 kernels


RTAI supports several architectures:

x86 (with and without floating point unit (FPU) and timestamp counter (TSC) and on many multi-core CPUs)



ARM (StrongARM; ARM7: clps711x-family, Cirrus Logic EP7xxx, CS89712, PXA25x, ARM9: Cirrus Logic EP93xx, Atmel AT91SAM, ARM Cortex)



Like Linux itself the RTAI extension is a community effort. More information on RTAI can be found at: http://www.rtai.org.

Contact Controllab Products for more information about using 20-sim 4C and RTAI on your own targets.