Controllab XMLRPC daemon

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Controllab XMLRPC daemon

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To make a target work properly in combination with 20-sim 4C, it should have some kind of an operating system. In order to communicate with the target, each target should run small program on that operating system, called the Controllab XMLRPC daemon. The Controllab XMLRPC daemon enables the communication between 20-sim 4C and the target.

Supported Operating Systems

The Controllab XMLRPC daemon is currently provided for:

Windows (for testing purposes; non real-time)

Linux (for testing purposes; non real-time)

RTAI real-time Linux

Xenomai real-time Linux

For usage on other operating systems, contact Controllab Products B.V. for the available options.

Connection details

The Controllab XMLRPC daemon uses port 1502 (TCP) and 1580 (HTTP) for communication on the TCP/IP network.