20-sim 4C 2.1 will accept generated C-code from 20-sim Professional version or higher. You can check your the version number of 20-sim in the About Box:

1.Open 20-sim and from the Help menu click About.

If your version number is lower than 20-sim, please update 20-sim first.

Generate C-code in 20-sim

In 20-sim you can generate C-code from any submodel:

1.Build your model and run a simulation, until you are satisfied with the response.

2.In the Simulator, from the Tools menu select Real Time Toolbox and C-code Generation.

The C-code Generation dialog will pop-up.

Select 20-sim 4C as target for the C-code 

The C-code generation dialog in 20-sim.

If the 20-sim 4C target is not shown, please check if you are using the right version of 20-sim ( or higher).

3.Select the 20-sim 4C Target.

4.Select the desired Submodel.

5.Click OK.

Now 20-sim 4C will be opened with the C-code from 20-sim.