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You can choose from a set of built-in targets in 20-sim 4C 2.1 or define your own targets. The targets should be equipped with a real-time operating system that is supported by 20-sim 4C.

Built-in targets

1.Bachmann M1 Controller: Industrial PC-based hardware and I/O modules designed to withstand the toughest ambient conditions.

2.TS 7300: This is the TS-7300 ARM 9 board of Technologic Systems running RTAI Linux optionally equipped with a TS-9700 or TS-ADC16 AD/DA I/O board.

3.TS 7300 CUSTOM : This is the TS-7300 board with a custom FPGA configuration enabling 5xPWM output and 5XEncoder input.

4.Torsion Bar v1.0: This a demonstration setup based on the TS-7300 equipped with a PWM motor amplifier.

5.Torsion Bar v2.0: This a demonstration setup based on the TS-7300 equipped with a current motor amplifier.

6.Generic PC or industrial PC: This is a generic PC / PC/104 target without defined I/O running RTAI Linux or Xenomai.

7.PC/PC104 with Sensoray 526: This is a generic PC/PC104 target with the Sensoray 526 multifunction IO board ( running RTAI Linux.

Define your own targets

Each target is defined by a so called Target Configuration file. By defining a new target Configuration file (extension .tcf) a new target will be defined. The format is open and you can define your own targets if you like to do so. Please contact Controllab Products B.V. for more details about creating/defining your own targets.


Note: Although the tcf format is backward compatible, tcf from 20-sim 4C 2.0 may not work in 20-sim 4C 2.1. Therefore, an existing 20-sim 4C 2.0 .tcf file needs an upgrade to 2.1.