PC/104 with Sensoray 526

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PC/104 with Sensoray 526

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A generic PC/104 target equipped a Sensoray 526 multi function I/O card to provide Input Output functionality.


PC104 and Sensoray 526 card.

Inputs and  Outputs

Analog & Digital Inputs

Four 24-bit quadrature encoder inputs.

Eight 16-bit analog inputs.

8 x Digital Input. Binary input.

Analog & Digital Outputs

Four 16-bit analog outputs.

8 x Digital Output. Binary output.


The Sensoray 526 is  a product of Sensoray. More information can be found on the website: http://www.sensoray.com/products/526.htm

Operating Systems

The PC/104 with Sensoray 526 board has been tested with the following operating system:

RTAI real-time Linux