Torsion Bar v2.0

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Torsion Bar v2.0

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The Torsion Bar Setup is a compact demonstration setup that demonstrates some important features of a real machine:

Motor inertia


Drive flexibility

Torsion Bar v2

The Torsion Bar Setup v2.0.

The first version of the Torsion Bar (v1.0) setup is equipped with a PWM controlled H-bridge motor amplifier. This corresponds to a velocity-controlled motor. The new Torsion Bar v2.0 contains an ELMO Whiste motor amplifier that can be used in current-control, voltage-control and position-control mode. The Torsion Bar v2.0 setup uses the current control mode, which corresponds to a torque-controlled motor.

Inputs and  Outputs

The interface of the ARM 7300 has been limited to the following inputs and outputs:

Digital Inputs

2 x LVDS Quadrature Encoder Inputs.

Digital Outputs

1 PWM-to-current output, to drive the motor via an ELMO Whistle current amplifier which is mounted below the interface board.

2 x LED. Two LED's are present on the board.


The Torsion Bar Setup is  a product of Controllab Products B.V. Please contact Controllab Products B.V. for more details about this set-up.

Operating System

The Torsion Bar v2.0 setup is delivered with the following operating system:

RTAI real-time Linux: The setup runs our customized RTAI real-time linux installation including the 20-sim 4C target support software.