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I do not see the 20-sim 4C target

If you are generating C-code in 20-sim and see that 20-sim 4C is missing in the targets lists, you have to add the target manually.


The 20-sim 4C target is missing.

1.In the 20-sim Editor from the Tools menu select Options.

2.Click the Folders tab and click the C-code Folders button.

3.Click the Add button and browse to the 20-sim 4C folder:

20-sim C-Code generation path

Add the 20-sim 4C code generation templates to 20-sim.

The default location is:

C:\Program Files\20-sim 4C 2.1\source\20-sim

or for 64-bit Windows versions:

C:\Program Files (x86)\20-sim 4C 2.1\source\20-sim

I cannot find the log file

If you cannot find the log file for use in 20-sim please check:

Did you select variables for logging in 20-sim 4C?

Did you select Run with Logging in 20-sim 4C?

Click the Configure Logging tab to see what filename and location you have chosen in 20-sim 4C.

Configure Button is red

If the Configure button configure_target_button_red stays red, no connection could be made to the target.

1.Make sure the target is powered on. If a fatal crash has occurred, switch the power off for and after a few seconds switch it on again. Then try to search for an IP-address again.

2.Make sure you have a cross cable or network cable connected to your PC and your target.

20-sim 4C does not find an IP-address

Check the Network section for help.

I see multiple IP-Addresses

Check the Network section for help.

Compile Button is red

If the Compile button compile_button_red stays red, compilation was not finished successfully. Check if the right target was chosen.