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In the Configure step, you can select a new (or change to a different) target for your model to run on. The Configure step has two tabs, the Configure Target tab and a Models Overview tab.

Configure Target


Select the target and enter the IP address.

1.First select the desired target by pressing the Select button.

A dialog will be opened showing a list of supported targets. If desired, you create your own targets. The Filename shows the location of the corresponding Target Specification files.


Select the proper target.

2.Select your target and close the dialog by pressing OK.

20-sim will automatically discover connected targets and show a list of found targets with their names and IP-addresses. A target selection dialog will be shown if 20-sim 4C detects more than one 4C compatible target:


Target selection dialog when multiple targets are detected.

If the automatic discovery of target fails, you can:

3.Click the Discover button to do another attempt to discover targets.

4.Click the Edit button to enter the target name and IP-address manually.


Use the Discover or Edit buttons if the automatic connection fails.

5.Click the Apply button on the Configure Target tab to apply the target settings.

If the connection cannot be made, the Configure button will be shown with a red color configure_target_button_red. If the connection was successful, the Configure button will be shown with a green color configure_target_button_green. Normally every second the target is polled to retrieve its state.

Models overview

The Models Overview tab shows the status of the models that are assigned to a particular target:


The Models Overview.